What do you know about the categories of common female sex toys


Take stock of some Common Feminine Sex Toys. Sex Toys is a term used to describe a variety of sexual devices that have been described under different names, including sex aid, sex toy, sexual medical devices, and so on. Sometimes people mistakenly regard all the apparatus used to improve or improve sexual function as “sex toys” , even derogatory term as “sex toys” , and ban them altogether, which lacks identification and analysis.


Sex Toys is a term used to describe a variety of sexual devices that have been described under different names, including sex aid, sex toy, sexual medical devices, and so on. Sometimes people mistake all the instruments used to improve or improve the function of sex as “sex toys” , or even derogatory as “sex toys” , to be banned, so it is lack of identification and analysis.


There are quite a few sex toys that are used exclusively for sexual dysfunction, such as the vacuum erection system (or vacuum pot developer) for treating erectile dysfunction, “dilators”(dilators) for vaginismus, etc. . They should be treated in full accordance with medical instruments.


In order to better understand the whole picture of sex toys, Chinese sexologist Dr. Ruan Fangfu presented the concept and classification of sex toys at the first clinical sex training course in Thailand held in Bangkok, Thailand in April 1995, cATEGORIZE SEX TOYS INTO THREE CATEGORIES:


One is “sexual medical device” , completely used for patients with sexual dysfunction, is a therapeutic device.


The other is “sex toy” , which is used to enhance the sexual stimulation, sexual pleasure in general. There are many kinds of sex toys. Different countries and cultures have different acceptance and choice of sex toys, and even ban them from circulation in the market.


Third, “multi-usage sexual AIDS”(AIDS) , this product can be used as a therapeutic, compensatory application, and can be used as toys, so it needs to be analyzed and treated differently. For example, inflatable female love doll and inflatable male love doll, used as alternative sexual partners for persons with disabilities, are compensatory, humane measures with health care implications that should be supported and developed in a way that is totally different from being a toy, should be treated differently.


Not all sex toys are imported from the West. DILDO is the most common multi-purpose sex aid, which is already available in ancient China. In the novels of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, “Mr. Jiao”(or “Mr. ” , “personnel” and so on) is a kind of “dildo”(“Dildo”) products. A 14 cm long and 2.8 cm in diameter, “Mr. Jiao” , shaped like a real penis and unearthed in Zhangpu, Fujian Province, has been identified as a mid-ming work and is currently in the Zhangpu Museum. Another “sex toy” Burmese bell, also found in Ming and Qing novels, is a metal ball, placed in the vagina, has the role of enhancing sexual excitement, so called “Ben-Wa balls”(also known as Geisha, Burmese Bells, Thai beads, Rino Tama) , found in many countries, in many cultures. The balls, about 1 inch in diameter, are commonly made of stainless steel, gold, silver or heavy plastic.

At present, the manufacture and sale of sex toys has become a very large-scale industry. A new trend in modern clinical sexology is to transfer many sexual AIDS with therapeutic applications from “adult shops” to sex therapists and specialized institutions of sexual medicine as health care products, to promote the use of sex therapy in order to improve the curative effect of sex therapy, to eliminate the sense of powerlessness that sometimes appears in the “psychotherapy” of talking only, and to enable patients to experience the “immediate effect” by using some sexual medical instruments, to promote the rapid and complete recovery of sexual dysfunction.


  1. Vibrator

Vibrator, also known as “vibrator” , shaped like a penis, can be called “vibrator” . This product is made of many types of soft materials, such as the hardness of the natural state of the human body, hard plastic; shaped like a penis, shaped like a small Oval Ball; smooth, smooth, surface texture, many protrusions, some of them are accompanied by a stimulator; some have a useful battery, some have a useful alternating current, some have two kinds of power sources available; some have a variable speed, some have a single speed; some have a variable contact, some have a single contact; and some have a wearable device. Can Be used to treat women with frigidity and or orgasmic disorder, * * Too Fast (premature ejaculation) , erectile dysfunction (impotence) and other diseases




Is now more than made of rubber or plastic. It can be used by both men and women. The word dildo probably comes from the Italian word Diletto, which originally meant to make people happy. Can Be used to treat women with frigidity or orgasmic disorder, * * Too Fast (premature ejaculation) , erectile dysfunction (impotence) and other sexual dysfunction.

This product has a wide range of models, including solid ones and hollow ones; those with vibrators and those without vibrators; those made of extremely soft materials, soft and hard plastics and those shaped like real penises, it is shaped like an ordinary cylinder with a pointed head; it is smooth and smooth; it has a surface texture and many protrusions; it has a stimulator attached to its side; it is as large as the average human body, it is extremely large; and it has a DC power supply for those with oscillators, aC power supply, dual-use power supply, speed adjustable, speed fixed, a wide variety of colors, some with wear device. For male sexual dysfunction, hollowed out and fitted with a device should be used.


  1. Kegel balls

  • what is a kegel balls? A kegel balls is an exercise that a woman puts in her vagina to increase the sensitivity and flexibility of the vaginal wall and the female sphincter, the Soleus, like a Mimosa, then the relaxation of the vaginal lining muscles accelerates the pleasure of orgasm. At present, many women, especially postpartum women will have the problem of vaginal relaxation, and contraction of the ball is through exercise to solve the problem of female vaginal relaxation.


(2) how to practice shrinking the ball of Yin:

First Month

Start with a single ball and work on it for 30 minutes a day. At first, after a few minutes of exercise, you may be afraid that the ball will slide in or out of your body. Don’t worry, because gravity pulls the ball down, and the pelvic floor muscles contract naturally, not sliding inward or outward.

The Second Month

For the second month, consider using a heavier ball for 30 minutes a day. Take it for a walk, dance, or swim.

Third Month

In the third month, you can train with two balls.

Fourth Month

According to their own circumstances, a set of their own day-to-day maintenance plan.


  1. Vibrating Egg

(1) what is a skippy: A skippy has an egg-shaped part, some wired and some wireless. A wireless skippy usually has a string that can be pulled out of the vagina or anus after use, or it may get stuck. CARE should be taken to prevent discharge.

(2) principle

Using the effect of vibration caused by motor plus eccentric copper as its basic principle, using the place where the axis of the column Type Motor (Bar Type) extends out, adopt eccentric configuration, such as semi-cylinder or pie Type, when the motor rotates, it causes the center of gravity to shift (rotate around the motor core) , resulting in a jerky feeling.

As the traditional Cored Motor electromagnetic noise, so gradually moving to cordless Motor Motor, brushless Motor also began to use. The quality of the motor itself determines the speed (vibration) , volume, life and price.

(3) material

There are rubber, plastic, metal, silicon and other materials, smooth surface, the market has a lot of cute shape and a variety of different colors of the egg Jerky, increase the user’s interest.

(4) the role of egg vibrator

The role of sex egg vibrator is inseparable from the stimulation of the erogenous zones. Placing the egg in any sexy area of a woman’s body can create strong stimulation, of course, in general, Nipples, Areola, neck, lower abdomen and inner thighs, armpits, knees and other parts of the most sensitive. The role of sex egg vibrator is to make these parts can be stimulated after the impulse to the brain, and make people sexually excited, feeling very strong.


Foreign sexologists even pointed out that the sexual excitement generated by sex egg skipping is often beyond women’s self-control, the role of sex egg skipping can not resist or cover up. Continue to stimulate the erogenous zones with sex egg skipping, which will eventually lead to orgasm. The role of egg skipping is even seen in women who have never had an orgasm during sex with their partner. Therefore, under the guidance of an experienced sex therapist, women suffering from frigidity may be expected to improve their orgasmic status through the use of egg skipping. Of course, sex eggs can also be used for men, but the stimulation of men and arouse the role of far less significant and strong than the role of women. The explanation given by sexologists is that women’s sexual arousal mechanisms may be more complex than men’s, that they need more caressing, stimulation and preparation before orgasm, and that they respond more strongly to egg skipping.


At the same time, we can not ignore the special role of sex egg skipping, not only because it can stimulate the g spot in the vagina and women into a better state of sexual arousal, but also, as many foreign sexologists say, for Women who lack a sexual partner or who can’t have normal sex with their partner, it’s as important to maintain normal vaginal stimulation as it is to do regular gymnastics.

Jumping eggs, the passion of happiness


Sex Appeal egg vibrator has been widely popular among the majority of young women, but also by single white-collar workers, older leftover women like. Because it’s small, but it gives you a lot of pleasure. In today’s society, work pressure, fierce competition, for single women, how to release the heart of the accumulation of desire? Of course, it’s a small but cute bouncing egg! The small jumping egg function is big, can effectively stimulate the female body’s sensitive area, especially has the effective stimulation to the * * , the nipple, the neck and the thigh inner side and so on sensitive spot. This stimulation is quickly transferred to the brain center by the nerves, which can achieve the same excitement as sex, making the body and mind completely relaxed.

Foreign sex experts have even pointed out that the sexual excitement generated by women’s use of sex eggs exceeds even the pleasure brought about by sex, and this pleasure is often beyond women’s self-control, making their love of sex eggs irresistible, and I can’t hide it. Even many women who have sex with their partners ask for the use of egg skipping to achieve an unlimited number of orgasms. Using sex eggs to stimulate a woman’s sensitive areas consistently will cause the same kind of orgasm as sex. Even many women who have never had an orgasm during sex can reach orgasm using a jumping egg. Therefore, foreign sex therapists often use jumping eggs to treat women suffering from frigidity, and very effective, so that these lack of orgasm of women’s psychological state has been improved. Of course, sex eggs can also be used for men, but for the stimulation of men and arouse the role of far less significant and strong than the role of women. For single women or those who can’t have normal sex because of a long distance relationship, egg skipping is a good choice.


  1. AV Wand Massager

(1) the definition of an AV vibrator: An Av bar is also an erotic dance egg — a long dance egg. It was originally designed as a massage stick for flirting, but its powerful function has attracted the attention of many women and turned it into a popular sex toy.

(2) Av vibrator construction

The overall vibratable Av bar is physically divided into a handle for massaging the head and placing the remote control. Most of the AV ROD is frequency conversion design, the control device is on the rod body, and the appropriate vibration frequency can be selected according to its own needs. You can change the angle of the head at will, or you can change the head of an AV club.


(3) characteristics

  1. minimalism and fashion are popular.

Small in shape, easy to carry and use.

  1. Adjustable head design, free bending angle, massage orientation of your choice.
  2. Change the frequency of remote control, enjoy tailor made for their own pleasure.
  3. Different massages, different experiences.

(4) Av Vibrator -instructions for use and maintenance

  1. Please disinfect the product before use and place the battery according to the instructions.
  2. After using the product, please take out the battery, clean and disinfect the product, then dry the surface of the product and save it.
  3. To Extend Product Life, store in a cool, well-ventilated place, away from the sun and out of reach of children.

Note: These products are for personal use only and for couples only. They can not be borrowed or transferred.

When using AV vibrator , it is recommended to use it with lubricating oil. Please disinfect it after use. Buy AV vibrator and choose the soft one made of Silica Gel as far as possible. Masturbation is acceptable in moderation