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Quality Certificated by

LADAGOGO all product are well maintained with certification requirements. We only use the outstanding materials with certified approval and follow the regulation to make sure the safe and meet the international standard.

Quality Management System

Solutions From Concept to Producton

Our reliable, excellent, prestigious materials suppliers are the core element of NAVABEE competitiveness.

Having a long-lasting partnershipwith silicone, motor, PCBA suppliers like we ensure the quality of our toys is superior.

Besides, the process of selecting suppliers is sophisticated and strict. The quality of raw materials, on-time delivery, and honesty are all we concern about.

Our additional services will meet your needs for manufacturing, product testing, assembly, decorating, and packaging

Continuous Innovation For Better performance

Committed to improve the people’s feeling and exciting , NAVABEE’s R&D department never stops developing and producing the new products with better exciting feeling and higher quality. Great product selections plus crucial product data you need to sell better. Real factory priced items to help you maximize profits and a custom tailored experience you will love.

• Research on the innovative design of Physical arousal
• Research on new toys sources which provide a better user experience
• Research on newtrends and creat hot sale item

Strict Performance Tests

Our production room schedule incorporates daily cleaning and disinfecting schedules, in sync with the workers rotation and machines’ cooling time.

Exacting standard of hygiene and cleanliness are applied to all our production rooms, where all workers are required to wear hygiene protective wear (latex gloves, dental hygiene shoes, hairnet and masks).

This further guarantees the safety of the high quality electric motors used in the relevant products.

As part of our quality assurance procedure, all electrical components are tested on a randomized basis compliant with regulations before being assembled. Electric motors are repeatedly tested during numerous steps of the production and the finished product is then tested again upon leaving the assembly line.

For non-electric parts, analysis and detection of impurities and identification of physical and chemical defects testing routine are implemented at key stages of production.

Finished products are then subjected to Quality Control procedures. QC includes verification of steps taken to ensure quality and specification compliance of raw materials, verification of compliance with intermediary subroutine testing during production and of compliance to final testing routine.

Randomized test on all finished products are an integral part of QC procedure.

Key Production Process Linked to Quality

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Step 1

Raw Material Processing
The process of processing a dial could be as complex as an building an architecture, yet more delicate and precise.

Sex Toys Deals

Step 2

Rapid Prototyping
Our rapid 3D printing is a cost-effective way to put your newest ideas to the test and give you the flexibility to create, test and refine..

Sex Toys Deals

Step 3

Moldings are produced in our injection factory, guaranteed to specs. We currently focus on plastic injection, but more value-added processes are available.

Sex Toys Deals

Step 4

Testing and Inspection
we have a dedicated QC department. All of the outgoing products are qualified products that go through strict QC processes. Test and examine the finished

Sex Toys Deals

Step 5

Silk Printing
A good silkscreening of the dials lays the foundation for the following processes.

Sex Toys Deals

Step 6

Packaging & Delivery
We ship globally. Delivery charges vary and will be agreed with you at the point of placing your order.
Free shipping to your freight agency
Logistic sourcing

Product Analysis and Problem Solving

We’ve never stopped studying, always working for your future.
Our professional sales team provides the client a considerate service from enquiry to delivery. They are just experienced enough to answer any of the clients’ question.

Details Determine the Quality

We have a systematic quality inspection process that includes what is shown below and more:

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