Testing for adult products, mainly focusing on product safety, environmental protection and non-toxic and non-harmful testing for human body; testing items for adult products: ortho-benzene test, Bisphenol test, Pah Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon test, ROHS test, heavy metal content test, skin irritation test, compositional analysis, et CETERA.

  1. China: Adult products will be sold online in China must make quality inspection reports in order to avoid random inspection of major shopping malls.


  1. EU: Adult exports to the EU require CE certification, ROHS certification, food contact material testing, REACH testing, MSDS certification, bisphenol testing, PAH testing, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon testing, and UN38.3 certification for lithium batteries. A CE certificate issued by an EU designated authority can maximize the trust of consumers and market regulators.


  1. United States: Adult products exported to the United States require FCC certification, UL certification, toxicological testing, ASTM certification, CPSC certification, Ortho testing, California 65 testing.


  1. Korea: KC Certification


  1. Japan: PSE Certification


  1. Middle East and Africa: COC certification



Sex toys product categories are: electric vibrating eggs (jumping eggs) ; electric simulation equipment; cock ring; flirting set; sex underwear; condoms; local anesthetic adult products; enhanced sexual stimulation category adult products (sex products) ; Lubricants Category Adult Products (sex products) ; Adult articles for masturbation (sex articles) ; adult articles for assistive and therapeutic devices (sex articles) ; adult articles for emulation (sex articles) ; other adult articles and health care articles.


The EU introduced RoHS on 1 July 2006, and electrical and electronic products using or containing heavy metals and flame retardants such as PBDE and PBB will not be allowed to enter the EU market. The role of rohs testing is to prevent the electronic and electrical equipment components, materials containing environmental management substances in the use of prohibited substances, planned to eliminate substances and substances (hazardous substances) into and use. To protect the Earth’s environment and mitigate the worsening impact on the ecosystem, to protect human health and to maintain the sustainable and healthy development of human society.

Rohs testing will send related products to a professional laboratory for testing, products will be split into a single material both uniform material testing, which lead, cadmium, Mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) , polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE) and other six hazardous substances whether meet the requirements of the RoHS directive, if meet the ROHS report and certificate, if not, you have to find another product that meets the requirements.


CMA, CNAS Test Report for adult products-test Standard

The inspection report is a kind of report which reflects the product itself, is an indirect reaction which reflects the service life of the product, the use of the product quality, and the use of the product.

What items are included in the quality inspection report depends on the quality of the product. If it is removed from oral food, such as aluminum foil lunch box, microbiological test is required, dental floss stick, microbiological test, performance test, etc.


Data Line test items, to test plug force, swing test, conduction test, withstand voltage, current test, waterproof test and so on.

Quality Inspection Report, the meaning of the report is accurate and true, some enterprises have their own inspection equipment, test methods, and test standards may lead to in accurate report.

Make sure the data is accurate and valid, and that the third party is the one that everyone agrees on



Electronic appliances, food and drug, clothing, luggage leather, toys, furniture testing, textiles, material analysis, chemical hazard testing, building materials ceramics, automotive testing, mineral testing, cosmetics, electromagnetic compatibility, agricultural products, soil solid waste, handling of quality inspection reports such as industrial waste, quality inspection reports, product quality inspection reports, quality inspection reports, tmall quality inspection reports, jd.com quality inspection reports msds reports, garment quality inspection reports

Quality Inspection report where to do, how to handle product quality inspection report


Step 2: Send Samples for testing

Type 1 test. Verify that the product complies with a technical specification (such as quality level, performance, safety requirements, environmental conditions, etc.) applicable to its provisions 2 routine tests (also known as ex-factory tests) . Inspection of product materials and processing quality defects, and test the inherent performance of products, often including functional testing and safety testing items.


3 sampling test.

Tests are also carried out to verify the specified properties and characteristics of the product as required by the relevant product standards. These provisions may be proposed by the manufacturer or negotiated between the manufacturer and the user.

4 special test.


In accordance with the relevant product standards and manufacturers and user agreements to meet the market demand for product diversification.

Is the validity period of the product test report?


There are two general types of product testing:


  1. Delegate testing

The test sample is sent by the client, the laboratory only tests the incoming sample, so the test conclusion reflects the quality attribute of the sent sample, and the test report is valid only for the sent sample.


  1. Supervise spot checks

Product Quality Supervision Department according to the product quality law, random inspection of related products. The supervision spot check is not the whole item inspection, so the inspection report only judges whether the items inspected are up to the standard. The inspection report reflects the quality of the products at that time.


Because the product quality may change with the environment, time and other conditions, the conclusion of the test report can only reflect the quality characteristics of the test. Therefore, the expiry date will not be indicated on the test report.


What will be the date of the inspection report?


The general test report will be marked on the laboratory when the samples received, issued the report time


Is there any provision in the law?


At present our country and the international also have not stipulated the inspection report validity period.


  1. Does it make sense to test since you’re only responsible for incoming samples?


Valuable. Although only responsible for incoming samples, if the sample is representative, can reflect the same model and batch of product quality, help enterprises control product quality risk.


Since there is no expiry date, is it reasonable for the client to update the report regularly?


In reality, there is indeed a regular sample testing requirements of similar products. As previously mentioned, the product test report only reflects the quality characteristics of the sample sent for testing, and can not fully represent the quality of other products of the same type. On the other hand, product quality is related to every link and condition, such as material supplier, processing technology, production environment, workers, etc. . Regular updating of the test report helps to eliminate the risk of product quality changes that may be caused by the influencing factors. Therefore, such a request is reasonable.