Trend Analysis of adult products industry


Early domestic adult supplies industry is difficult to appear volume, slow development is the shackles of cultural concepts, which directly led to the development of domestic sex toys started late. The domestic sex appeal market is still in a primary stage, lacks the amplification effect, the Real high-speed growth stage has not yet arrived, the current consumer is still dominated by the post-80s generation, and will become the value subject of the whole society in the future after 95 years, the sex market is likely to see rapid growth. Here’s a look at the trends in the adult industry.

The 2017-2022 China Adult Products Industry Development Prospect Analysis and the Development Strategy Research Report indicated that the Adult Products Industry has the privacy characteristic compared with other industries, compared with the overseas opening degree, this is particularly obvious in the Chinese market, as adult articles are a special kind of goods, it is impossible for most consumers to buy them in stores as if they were ordinary everyday articles, many potential customers will give it up, more or less, because it’s inconvenient to buy, or because they’re too shy to shop. In the era of e-commerce, this dilemma will be alleviated, through the network to buy adult supplies, not only convenient and fast, but also can protect the privacy of consumers, there is no shame in buying the phenomenon.


  1. The online market for adult products is a rapidly growing and impulsive consumer market, and the customer base will continue to grow. In the past three years, the online adult products market has grown by leaps and bounds, but the impulsive consumption characteristics are quite obvious. Given the growth of the online adult product market, the number of customers who buy adult products online will continue to grow. At the same time, domestic brands gradually occupy a place in the market, forcing export manufacturers to pay attention to the domestic market.


  1. With the arrival of the fourth retail revolution, users began to pursue personalization, diversity and sense of participation, adult products market creativity to win. After 90″little fresh meat”the interest user occupies quite many, manifests this kind of user to be willing to taste the fresh characteristic. At the same time, the growth of some niche categories of adult products, physical inflatable doll is becoming a new hot market, it can be seen that creativity is an important element of powder absorption.


  1. Online adult products need to balance price and experience, finding target customers is the focus of high-end sex toy brand marketing. Online adult users of the “owners” are mainly blue-collar and small white-collar, for high-end sex toys, to find the target users is the focus of brand marketing. Because users can easily be criticized when the product experience is not as expected, cost-effectiveness is an important factor affecting online sales of adult products.


  1. Users are increasingly concerned about privacy, and self-service cabinets and unmanned delivery vehicles will be the preferred mode of delivery. Adult supplies offline delivery process, refused to “strangers” to participate in the psychological more significant, the future can consider the courier and user isolation way to distribution.


  1. The women’s market has yet to be tapped. Adult products consumption is still dominated by men, adult products development trend analysis that the female market has potential, but how to tap the problem. At the same time, men pay more attention to the function of the product, while women pay more attention to the quality and design of the product.



  1. The rise of self protection among users of adult products, especially women. In the first half of 2017, the repeat purchase rate of pregnancy and ovulation products increased significantly to 28.57 percent. And women are far more likely than men to pay attention to pregnancy testing products. Female users’awareness of self-understanding and self-protection is enhanced.


  1. Younger age for pregnancy tests. According to the age distribution of the users of early pregnancy test paper, the purchase of pregnancy test paper shows a trend of youth, and it is more important to the sex education of teenagers.


8, the sex appeal product brand line although shoulder heavy responsibilities, but the only way. At present, compared with other categories, the rate of poor adult products, and in addition to the safe contraceptive category, most of the “upgrade” adult products of low user loyalty, brand influence needs to be further enhanced.


  1. Big Brand condoms continue to grow rapidly, personalized, niche brands still have opportunities. Condom market has long been the absolute advantage of international brands, domestic brand growth is relatively easier. At the same time, individual products, including fruit flavors and spirals, are becoming more and more popular, and product creativity is expected to become a niche brand development opportunity.


  1. Guangdong Province is the home of sexual interest, more remote areas prefer to buy masturbation supplies and condoms, first-tier cities pay more attention to contraception testing. Guangdong Province, which sells nearly twice as many adult products as second place Beijing, is a well deserved sex capital, with mainstream condoms growing fastest in less developed regions and more masturbation.


  1. A night on the town, a morning on the town. In the morning and at night are the peak orders. On a single day, night adds to the ambivalence, leading to the highest searches for adult products at night, with searches for adult products soaring from 21 to 24 and peaking at 23. However, between 10 am and around 11 am, adult product searches have the highest conversion rates.


  1. The adult market needs to be upgraded. Not surprisingly, condoms dominate the market for adult products, and sex toys, despite their larger overall sales, still make up far less of the total than condoms in each of the subcategories. Sex toys need a little work.


  1. Analyze the development trend of adult products, with the development of the industry, product standards, industry standards will gradually improve. The market for adult products will continue to grow, consumer participation and reviews will be enthusiastic, manufacturers will continue to develop new products, the role of e-commerce platform is also increasing, all parties join forces, industry standards will gradually improve.

At present, China’s sex market, sex toys accounted for 60% , sexy clothing accounted for 20% , gender care products accounted for 20% , in addition, the interest of home occupy a small share. But the category of sex appliances, the national annual sales of 5 billion yuan, 60% of the offline store sales, online sales accounted for 40% . In 2011, domestic retail sales of sex products totaled 120 billion yuan, with sex toys accounting for 15 percent of the total, according to a research report by a consulting firm. There were 200,000 retail outlets nationwide, 30 percent of which were offline stores, there are 39 sex culture festivals and exhibitions across the country; from 2006 to 2011, the industry’s compound growth rate was 20 percent, and by 2016, it will reach 30 percent.

In general, as advances in ideas lead to the rapid growth of consumer groups, the release of “pent-up” consumer demand, innovation-driven product design and function, and institutional capital-driven, domestic adult products industry will burst out of a new vitality, is expected to become after the pharmaceutical e-commerce, a 100 billion level of vertical market segmentation. With the penetration of domestic e-commerce mode into retail industry and the good privacy of online shopping, e-commerce channel has played an important role in the development of adult products industry in recent years. At present, the main distribution channels for adults and supplies in China are online e-commerce channels (including C2C, B2C and B2b) , which account for 60% of the domestic consumer market, while offline physical stores account for only about 40% of the sales, far below other traditional consumer goods industries.