The Sex Toy is increasing during epidemic


Sales of adult sex toys, especially online, have soared as the new coronavirus outbreak spreads, according to the French newspaper.

And why is that? Is it because people are afraid of being bored at home? Worried about getting the virus from finding a new sexual partner? Is it the 24-hour quarantine, the need to find some new relief? Some businesses have used the new crown epidemic into their advertising: “Take the opportunity of the third phase of the epidemic to add flavor to your lives. ”


The Womanizer brand, which specialises in clitoral vibrators, has just released a new report that shows sales are more than 50% higher than previously expected for this year. The report’s data further showed that sales rose most sharply in some of the biggest affected areas: 75 percent more than expected in the United States, 71 percent more than expected in Hong Kong, 60 percent more in Italy and 40 percent more in France.


However, the biggest increase in sales was in Canada, 135% more than expected! One user joked on twitter: “Some people rush to buy Pasta and toilet paper, while others have a unique plan for isolation at home. ”


Lelo is a designer and manufacturer of sex toys, quentin Bentz, head of the French unit, told Yogi Bear: “sales on our website are up a lot from last year. “The pace of growth accelerated after the closure of cities in Italy, Spain, France and other countries, ” he said, online shopping goods sell the best, which is probably “to maintain a distance of more than one meter” of the epidemic prevention provisions played a role.


Patrick Pruvot, founder of Passage Du d ésir, agreed, closing eight stores but seeing a 30 per cent increase in sales on the website. He said the company had launched a “segregated sex kit” to “make people feel less miserable at this difficult time” .


The “quarantine sex kit” is aimed at people who do not normally buy sex toys. The company aims to promote sex toys in France. “At the end of the day, it’s a comfort item, but the French are less open to it than the nordics. ”.


Sweden’s social security system, for example, can reimburse people for certain sex toys if they have a doctor’s prescription because “sex toys are better than anti-depressants, ” says Patrick Pruvot.


Francine Delerme, a member of the Swedish Health Council, pushed the government’s decision. She said something similar in 2008: “specifically, sex toys are prescribed to people with depression, disappointment in their sex lives, chronic headaches and other mental health problems to help them relax. ”


If anyone is still afraid to buy sex toys, the Yogi Bear reports another reason: scientific studies have shown that orgasms cause the body to release good hormones that are beneficial to health. Endorphins produced during orgasm stimulate the immune system; oxytocin, produced during Orgasm, reduces anxiety, stress and aggression; and Melatonin, produced during Orgasm, promotes sleep.


“Now we talk a lot about deaths from new crown disease, and it’s easy to get anxious, ” Pruvot said. “I think it’s healthy for some people to buy sex toys and enjoy life to the fullest. It’s like a refuge. ”