The future trends of Adult Sex Toy

Adult products refer to the AIDS that help adults get sex. With the gradual opening of the concept of Sex, China’s adult products industry has gradually become simple, the market grows at the rate of 63.9% per year. The following is an analysis of the trends in the adult product market.

In the late 1990s, with the reform and opening-up, Western culture gradually penetrated into China, a chinese-style “sexual revolution” quietly occurred, and “sex”-related goods also obtained more circulation opportunities in the market. Nowadays, sex articles can be seen everywhere in people’s life. At the same time of satisfying men’s and women’s selfish desires, the profiteering from consumption also makes businessmen begin to propagandize sex culture vigorously. Sex Toys are now even more bedside toys for many young people, used to enhance the pleasure of sex.

The analysis of the adult market is as follows:
Adult Products Market Trend One, adult products line on the market is a rapid development of impulse-type consumer market, customer groups will continue to grow. In the past three years, the online adult products market has grown by leaps and bounds, but the impulsive consumption characteristics are quite obvious. Given the growth of the online adult product market, the number of customers who buy adult products online will continue to grow. At the same time, domestic brands gradually occupy a place in the market, forcing export manufacturers to pay attention to the domestic market.

Second, the adult products market development trend, adult products consumers mainly through online shopping and wechat business, the main reason for the privacy of online purchase to attract the majority of consumer groups, to avoid the embarrassing situation of the purchase of physical stores. The wechat business market is in the initial stage of scale, the growth rate in the last two years, and 80,90 after becoming the main force of consumption, they generally accept new things, pay attention to personal happiness, adult acceptance of sex products has exceeded 93% . The industry’s “social concept of bondage” rapid elimination, will make the market gradually return to the track of benign development, wechat business adult supplies market will begin to enter a high-speed growth period.

Third, the market of adult articles has huge space and potential. Unfortunately, most of the adult articles dealers in China are in a state of petty fighting and petty fighting, and there is a single category of commodities in general, price Confusion. We conducted a detailed survey and found that: more than 95% of the sex shops are in the local purchase, purchase price and the variety of goods are very limited. Because adult articles are a special kind of goods, people are more afraid to buy it as if it were an ordinary commodity. But traditional businesses are basically open shop after waiting for customers, not in the way of marketing efforts, many potential consumers is because it is not convenient to buy or embarrassed to go to the store to choose and give up.

Adult Products Market Development Trend IV, adult acceptance of adult products increased. Based on the analysis of the adult products market, the domestic adult products industry will break out into a new vitality because of the rapid growth of consumer groups and the release of “pent-up” consumer demand, is expected to become after the pharmaceutical e-commerce, and a 100 billion class market. In addition, online shopping has a good privacy, in recent years online shopping channels in the development of the adult supplies industry has played an important role.
Adult supplies market development trend five, adult supplies industry has been a serious demand gap phenomenon, concept change will stimulate huge demand. On the one hand, both the proportion of consumers and per capita consumption are far lower than in the West, which means that there is huge growth potential in the future. On the other hand, China has a huge population of 1.3 billion, 348 million families, 180 million unmarried adults, and the potential market demand is estimated to be about 40 billion, while the current market size is less than 10 billion, there is still a demand gap of about 30 billion. On the other hand, with the continuous development of the national economy, the per capita income and living standard are constantly improving, and the rapid development of social material civilization and spiritual civilization has also prompted people to pay more attention to the improvement of the quality of life, but for a long time, the majority of domestic families to the neglect of sex life has made the industry demand has been in a serious “suppressed” abnormal situation.

To sum up, China is a big producer of adult products, the annual sales of adult products as high as 10 billion yuan. The regulation of the Adult Products Industry by the State has also gone from prohibition to strict management and control to benign guidance. The adult products market is expected to be further upgraded, and adult products are expected to become the next step after the electronic commerce in medicine, a multibillion-dollar vertical segment. This is all part of a trend analysis of the adult product market.