New Trends in the sex industry in 2019(part 1) : Bright colors for sex toys this year

The sex industry is evolving, and sex toys are becoming as diverse as their users. In order to attract more users, sex toy manufacturers are also going out of their way to use high quality silicone materials, integrate multiple functions, and apply new technologies, just to help users open the door to exploring sexual pleasure.

Sex Education is playing an increasingly important role in helping people understand their sexual needs and making the use of sex toys a healthy lifestyle. Now the developed network, let the product description is no longer limited to the manual, more and more products use instructional video to help consumers understand the sex toys and guide them how to use.

“In the mainstream media today, we see a lot of articles about masturbation and orgasm, about how to use a vibrator to achieve orgasm, about the benefits of Orgasm and so on. The growing popularity of sex education articles is also a sign that as more and more instagram followers share details of their lives, there will be a lot of sex toys on the screen, which will help consumers see the healthy side of sex toys.”

Joyboxx is a company dedicated to solving the problem of users storing sex toys, “In the face of a general lack of sexual health care, the pressures of social life are leading more and more people to embrace sex toys for pleasure and relaxation, ” co-founder Deborah Semer said in an interview. Once people realize that physical health is more than just a normal body function, mental health and sexual health can make a breakthrough. You See, a lot of people are trying to use sex toys to get off.”



Trends in the design of sex toys

With the fall out of favor of all kinds of classic emulated sex toys, more and more sex toys begin to use the design style of pan-interest. Andy Green, president of Xgen Products, said: “Products that wouldn’t be considered sex toys even if they were in the bedroom are becoming more and more popular with consumers. And it’s been going on for a few years now, and it’s going to be even more pronounced in the future.”

Erin Worgan, of BMS Factory, said: “there is a growing appreciation for products that are modern in style and look more like an artifact. While traditional styling products continue to sell well, more emerging markets are dominated by Ergonomic products that emphasize specific features to meet the specific needs of consumers when these products are launched by traditional manufacturers.”

Product design today is mostly Ergonomic, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Sex toys manufacturers are also looking for more flexible design and materials, so that users can adjust to their own bodies, adaptive sex toys are also born in this context. Now it’s smart to add accessories and kits and let the user choose the accessories themselves.


In addition to shape, consumers’preferences for color schemes are constantly changing, as are the colors that are in fashion each year. Therefore, while improving the product shape design, sex appeal manufacturers should also provide in line with consumer personality color matching and product packaging. At present, the more extreme rainbow colors are becoming more and more popular in foreign markets, but the vibrant colors of pink and purple are still the first choice for sex toys, blue and Maroon with a round aesthetic color scheme can make products stand out in the exhibition area. This year, Worgan said, the product’s Color Palette is likely to be a little brighter, with highly saturated colors such as lavender, lightning blue and bubble gum powder all in vogue.


In the United States, we see a lot of neutral products and marketing activities, but this trend in the world is not obvious. In both production and retail, the focus of the adult sex industry in the United States is on California; this is the most diverse region of the country, so gender specific words and images are avoided in the production and promotion of products.

On a global scale, that is not the case. Many European sex toys, for example, have “MEN ONLY” labels on their packaging, making many people feel rejected or offended. But consumers have the right to decide how to consume and use products, and manufacturers label products with gender restrictions, which are more like self-imposed restrictions.


The Tech Revolution in sex toys

When you think about new technology for sex toys, you might think about the sucking feature of Satisfyer in the past few years, some interactive smart toys and some VR sex toys.

According to Motorbunny, the Internet of everything will become a new demand point. In reality, many couples can not be in the same room for reasons such as school or work, and their contact is limited to voice or video chat. So why not combine virtual reality, the Internet, and sex toys to make them more connected.


But that’s just speculation, and there’s no way to predict the next technological revolution in sex toys. But based on consumer feedback from existing users, as users become more experienced, they are also looking for more intense stimuli, such as more intense vibrations or styling stimuli. In recent years, sex toys for traveling or business trips have become a new hot spot. These products require small size and good concealment, but how to ensure that the above two points at the same time maintain a high intensity of vibration, this is the problem that the future sex toy designer needs to solve.