India and Australia news on the sexy toy

India adult market

November to February is the peak season, massage machine popular with women

Sex is still a taboo in modern India, but an analysis of more than 80,000 orders by Indian e-commerce platform ThatsPersonal found that women in India seem to know what they want in adult products, and never skimp on being nice to yourself.

According to Thatspersonal, 38 percent of orders for adult products come from women, massagers are the best-selling item, and the most popular role-playing costume is a nurse’s uniform. Most female customers place orders between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. There is no age limit, with 16 per cent of buyers over the age of 45 being women.

And if you think most of the people who buy these products are in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and other big Indian cities, you are wrong. Consumers in India’s Baroda, Puna and Thiruvananthapuram regions apparently buy adult products without blushing, and the majority of buyers are women. Punjab consumers buy the most arousal oils, while Bhopal consumers are obsessed with scented condoms.

The peak month for sales of adult products in India is forecast to occur in February (because of Valentine’s Day) , followed by the traditional wedding season: November through February, with the average value of orders placed by consumers rising rapidly. Dandiya stickstick festival is also the peak of sales.


Australia: Sex Toy stores make big forays into shopping malls

A lot of people’s perception of sex shop is that they’re always lurking in dark alleys, where customers go in and out only through the back door. Now, however, Australia’s leading adult sex toy chain Sexyland is making a big push into the big box stores, hoping to change the way people think about sex toy stores and give consumers a better, more fun shopping environment.


Sex toys such as vibrators and lubricants are rare in bright-lit Malls, the report said. That may soon change, however. Sexyland, an adult sex toy chain, is looking to expand into Australia’s traditional retail space by opening stores in big box stores.


Sexyland’s boss, Angelo Abela, is in talks with mall management to make a big push into Australia’s malls, pushing his adult products into a broader and more lucrative market. “We’re going to have a very tasteful store, and we’re going to be very careful about what we’re going to sell in the mall, ” Arbella said.

If Sexyland is allowed into Australia’s big shopping malls, sex shop will have to abide by strict business rules. VIBRATORS, its main source of income, will not be allowed to occupy more than 10 per cent of the space and will not be shaped like penises.

However, Arbella said his company is currently focused on negotiating with big shopping malls in Victoria and expects to have a result by Christmas.

Arbella says Sexyland’s success isn’t just about selling sex toys. His company is committed to creating a cleaner shopping environment, and has adopted a more interesting marketing approach.

“I think people appreciate sex shop like us more because we are no longer the kind of sleazy, sneaky, back-door shop where customers go in and out, we are everywhere on the main roads, ” he said.