Packaging design process
We have our own professional box packaging designer; According to customer needs for design, design customers according to the box needs material and internal packaging, external box effect to confirm;
After confirmation, we make proofing according to the box packing after confirmation;
We have our own professional box packaging size design;

If you require design the box by yourself,please pay more attention to the package supplier’s requirements;

Sampling is divided into printing proofing and fast printing proofing. The cost of printing proofing is higher, but it will be highly consistent with the final printed product. The cost of fast printing proofing is lower, but there may be a small range of color difference with the final product, division I is mainly responsible for batch printing and other follow-up series of processes

About the size
Size can be customized according to customer needs

About the color
1. Please use common graphic design software: Coreldraw, IIIUSRTATOR, Photoshop, InDesign and so on to produce electronic documents, so as not to produce documents can not be used for printing and delay your delivery time

2. Be Sure to use CMYK printing color, RGB and Pantone (spot color) and other color mode for four-color printing will appear on the wrong version of the printing color! When filling color, please refer to the four-color Standard Chromatogram, should not be based on the color displayed on the screen. It is accepted in the printing industry that the color difference is ± 10%

3. PSD/JPG/TIF and other image files, image resolution must be above 450DPI, otherwise the printing effect is not perfect; color mode must be CMYK, otherwise color deviation

4. Text and important pictures must be arranged in the finished frame 3mm, so as not to be cut to, and please do 3mm bleeding, text must be all curve, so as not to change or missing text

5. The document line thickness can not be less than 0.1 mm, otherwise the printed matter will cause broken line or unable to print

6. When making the document, the color block or the color value of the base picture should not be less than 8 points, so as to avoid being unable to print, please do not use C100, M100, Y100, K100 four-color black fill color.

Here is the below box structures for your reference:

The Common box styles:


The Insert Materials Options


Simple Color Box


Lip and base

3. Product display

4. magnet box

5. flip-top box

6. Blister packaging