How to explore the couple fun after having a Baby?

Many of the women complained:
After giving birth, it’s hard to have an orgasm. What’s going on?
As you get older, the intensity of your orgasm gets worse and worse. What can you do to improve it?

Not only does the intensity of an orgasm depend on how much energy is accumulated before orgasm, how excited the body is, and how much blood and oxygen reaches the clitoris, but the strength of the pelvic floor muscles directly affects the orgasm response, especially the PC muscles.

As you age, the muscles in your pelvic floor muscles become flaccid ~ just as the arms and tummy of people who don’t exercise all the time become flabby! When we were virgins, our vaginas would be so tight it would hurt to insert a Tampon. But because of the stretching caused by long-term sex, the vagina will gradually become more and more relaxed. Especially finished, vaginal muscle group due to long-term out of the expansion, resulting in muscle group loss of elasticity, and therefore flabby.
Many girls who have sex or given birth often do not feel the stimulation of the penis during sex due to the relaxation of the vagina. It is not only difficult for girls to achieve orgasm, but also for boys. Vaginal relaxation, leakage of urine is the precursor of pelvic floor muscle relaxation! And vaginal relaxation can cause a range of problems, such as prolapse of sex organs, difficult childbirth, Stress incontinence, quality of sex and so on. As the quality of sex deteriorates, relationship problems surface as sexual well being declines, and then there’s the battle with Kozō.

Then what method can improve vaginal relaxation, improve the quality of sexual life?
Try Kegel exercise, which will make your pelvic floor muscles more elastic, improve muscle contraction, and increase orgasm intensity

Kegel exercise

1. Stand with your hands crossed over your shoulders, toes at 90 degrees, and the inside of your heels as wide as your armpits. Hold for five seconds, then relax. Do this more than 20 times.
2. Simple pelvic floor muscle exercises can be done from time to time, with a five second contraction and a five second release, on foot, in the car, or at work.
The second stage is to train yourself effectively every day:
Lie On your back and bend your knees.

2. Contract your gluteal muscles and lift them up into the anus.
Close the Urethra, Vagina and anus (they are also supported by the pelvic floor muscles) and feel like urinating, but can not go to the toilet to need to close the urine action.

4. Imagine you are using your vagina to attract something, such as a Tampon or penis. Imagine lifting from the entrance to the vagina, then gradually ascending along the Vagina and holding for 3 seconds. Repeat 10 times a day in groups of 3 or more, gradually increasing to 25 times a day. You can also check the effectiveness of the procedure by inserting your finger into the vagina.
5. Bring the vagina down, like pushing something out of the vagina. Rest for 3 seconds, then relax. Repeat 10 times a day in groups of 3 or more, gradually increasing to 25 times per group.

6. Keep your pelvic floor muscles contracting for five seconds, then slowly relax. After five to 10 seconds, repeat the contraction.

7. For the entire workout, inhale as usual and relax the rest of the body. You can touch your abdomen with your hands. If there is tightness in your abdomen, it is a mistake to exercise your muscles.

Through the exercise will restore the sensitivity and excitability of the muscle, muscle elasticity will also be significantly improved. Two people can clearly feel the increase in sexual happiness. Physical exercise methods need to be adhered to, otherwise it is difficult to see the effect. The rhythm of development of the present society, many people work too busy, no time to exercise, with the help of toys can exercise oh ~
It’s a great way to boost your pleasure level, improve your sex life, and, of course, give men a sense of the energy that comes with the change. It’s not just that people who have babies tend to have flabby VAGINAS, even if they’ve never had a baby. It’s also possible to have flabby vaginas if you have sex for a long time or if you’re sedentary in the office. Let’s get you in shape

It takes time and patience to exercise your private parts, so don’t lose heart. Keep exercising and your private parts will become more compact and elastic.