Water Color Pen Project — Enough capacity to Tackle High-volume & Urgent Task

The client needed 30 million sets water color pens that allows no air or liquid leakage.

We completed the mission by making inserts and generalizing the parts needed for mold assembling. By evaluating possible issues that may occur in each of the mold cavities, we prepared backup spare parts in advance so as to tackle problems as soon as possible.

Although we were confronted with such an urgent mission, we had never neglected the quality control processes. Whereas the normal quality control process required relatively a longer time, our QC staff invented the specialized measuring equipment that greatly reduced time and enhanced efficiency. With the combined efforts of all our technicians, engineers and QC staff, we beat the deadline to deliver 30,000,000 sets of water color pens to our client in America.

Our unremitting efforts obtained appreciation from our client, who successfully catch sales peak in America and therefore had his business grown by earning considerable profit.

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